January 7, 2016

My Image Was Selected as Image of the Week!

Моё фото выбрано как фотография недели!

Have you seen the new banner from Focused Photographers on the right?

А вы обратили внимание на новый банер справа от Focused Photographers?

I am an image of the week winner this week on Focus Photographers, wohoo!!

На сайте Focus Photographers моё фото выбрали в качестве фотографии недели, ура-ура!

This has happened to me for the first time and I’m thrilled!

Со мной такое в первый раз, и я очень-очень рада!

If you head over there and register (it’s free), you will be able to read my progress of the year story I posted in the forum.

А на форуме можно почитать мою историю прогресса за прошлый год (только нужно зарегистрироваться, что бесплатно!).


  • Congratulations on the “image of the week winner” how exciting. I have never heard of this site, do you think I would like it? You are such a great photographer and I love your images and I am glad that the site has recognized your qualities.

  • Aww, thank you Mandi! I’m still learning though!
    Well, I like that place because it has a community that is not as big as in some other places, so I can keep up with what is happening there. The people there are very nice and lovely, and most of them are much greater photographers than me. But still they were so kind to give me their time and critique my work. Every time I posted my pictures for a feedback there, I got new directions from them what I should learn next in order to improve my work. It’s a priceless gift!
    I think that if you are serious about photography, you certainly should find a place for you to talk about it, to let your work be critiqued, to share your work with others who understand. 🙂

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