November 3, 2015

Project 365. Week 43.

Проект 365. Неделя 43.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

Fall in my neighbourhood.

Листопад в нашем районе.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina


Дождик наморосил.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

The puddle as it had looked like 5 seconds before Marge fell into it..

Лужа, как она выглядела за 5 секунд до Маргошиного падения в неё.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

Veronica started to fear darkness lately and asks me to leave the lights in the room until she falls asleep.

Вероника стала бояться темноты и теперь просит оставлять ей много света, пока она не уснёт.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

The most beautiful and picturesque forest around here!

Самый красивый и живописный лес по близости.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

300 !!
This is Anastasia, who just woke up. I realize, this one is not perfect. The focus is soft, but I still like it.

Только что проснувшаяся Настенька. Знаю, что это не идеальный кадр. Он слегка размыт, но он всё равно мне очень нравится.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina

After bath.

После купания.

Project 365 by Nadya Rubina


  • I love the last one, everything about it is beautiful and personal, what a treasured photograph.

    • Thank you Mandi! It’s precious to me. The day I took it my camera couldn’t read its memory card and I was totally sure that the card had been crashed and I had lost all the pictures of the day, including this one. Luckily, I was wrong: there was an error in some of the data on the card, but my computer could still read it. I would be really upset if I lost this picture!

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