Big Day

I have one more big day today! It’s my youngest daughter’s first day in preschool! She starts attending the same kindergarten as Veronica and Anastasia did and will have the same teachers as her older sisters had, which is great! I’m happy about this, but also a bit worried. My concern is more about that our little pumpkin will get spoiled by another kids in no time, like it happened to Veronica. Though, on the other hand, I’m not sure if she could be spoiled even more than she already is by her sisters.

Here are some pictures from Friday, the second day of school for Veronica. I have a thing about posting pictures of other kids than my own and am trying to avoid it, so it’s not the whole gallery.
After accompanying the girls to school, we headed to the nearest playground with Marge. This was our last morning like this, so I wanted to enjoy it! (click to watch them enlarge in a gallery)

And here are some pictures from today. The morning was just gorgeous, giving me beautiful pictures one after another. Marge was sleeping till the very last second to wake up and go straight to the doors direction.

Somehow I managed to wake her up and get dressed without major tantrums. She is still nursing and it’s what she prefers to do when she wake ups. And I was surprised how easy it all went.

We started with Marge. And then was the oldest sisters turn.



And then, when all of my girls were off to their school, it started raining. It was a magical view! It’s like I was standing on the edge of the rain. The drops weren’t falling on me, just on those people few steps away! And then there was that epic rainbow! What a great start of a day, isn’t it??

Have a nice day you too!