One More Post about Organising

So, the summer is over. Kids are finally gone to school. All of them. And honestly, this is the firsrt time I’m actully not missing the summer. With all of my sensitivity to the cold season with all that dirt and greyness behind the window that always (ALWAYS) makes me depressed, I think I felt worse this summer. And I feel such a relieve knowing that it’s over and I’ll finally get my time just for me back.

The main struggle for me this summer was the chaos my kids were creating simply ignoring any system I tried to implement to organize them. Here is the thing. I love being organized and I can’t stress enough how much I hate the feeling of being distracted with lots of random things around me. When I’m organized, I find myself in harmony. I have a better mood and have much more energy for anything. And I can literally feel how the mess around me drains my energy.