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February 26, 2015

Contrasts (Riga, My Hometown)

Контрасты. Пешком по Иманте.

Riga is a city of contrasts. The key of it lays in its eclectic mix of architecture. Riga was built by German barons. Riga was built by Swedish and Russian kings. It was built by Soviet government. It was built, cherished and… also ruined by Latvians themselves. Because people wanted to see real “Latvian” Riga. Well, as for me, I don’t think Latvian Riga truly ever existed. There is an old legend that is passed through the centuries. It says that when Riga will be finished, a huge monster will rise from the river Daugava and ruin the city.

Рига — это город контрастов. Причиной тому смесь “разноколиберной” архитектуры, появившейся здесь в разные времена. Ригу строили немецкие бароны. Ригу строили шведский король и русский царь. Её строило советское правительство. И, конечно, её строили, превозносили и… разрушали её сами латыши. Люди хотели видеть истинную “латышскую” Ригу. Однако, лично я считаю, что Рига никогда не была поистине “латышским” городом. О Риге веками передаётся легенда — говорят, если город будет достроен, со дна Даугавы поднимется огромное чудовище и поглотит город.

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December 22, 2014

Festive Riga Views

Нарядная Рига

School holidays have started today (hooray for the company at home!). And today we had to go downtown to fetch our Christmas cards. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit too late for Christmas cards, but it’s me and my time-feel and my organisation skills. And it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

Сегодня первый день школьных каникул (урра компании дома!). И сегодня нам надо было съездить в Центр за нашими праздничными открытками. Аха, я знаю, поздновато заниматься праздничными открытками, но это же я и моё чувство времени с организационными способностями. К тому же, лучше поздно чем никогда, не так ли?

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August 13, 2014

Summer life outdoors

“Живём” на улице.


July rewarded us for our patience with a lot of sun and we finally got some really hot weather here after a rainy June.

Не зря мы упрямо ждали лета, провожая неотступно шедшие друг за другом дождливые июньские дни. Наша вера в лето была вознаграждена июлем по-настоящему жаркой погодкой.

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July 18, 2014

When the REAL camera steps in

Когда НАСТОЯЩАЯ камера идёт в ход

I have a pleasant morning ritual. As people drink their coffee and read newspapers in the morning, I enjoy a cup of hot black tea and reading blogs I follow. Those are mostly craft themed.

У меня есть один приятный утренний ритуал. Иной, просыпаясь с утра, за чашечкой кофе читает свежую газетку, а я наслаждаюсь обязательно горячим чёрным чаем и чтением блогов, за которыми слежу. Все они в основном по рукодельной тематики.

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June 25, 2014

Ligo in Riga

The citizens of our country have one day in a year when all big malls are closed all day long. It’s a day of a summer solstice that is celebrated by latvians nationwide in the midnight between 23d and 24th of June and is called “Ligo”.

Despite the fact, that we all love the idea of a big summer holiday here, it is the meanest holiday of Latvia. It rains here every Ligo day!

Our holidays were also saddened by Veronika’s illness. She got sick right before four vacation days. Actually, I don’t remember her being ill so hard and for so long anytime before — high temperature, ache in the ear, throat, and stomach for at least 4 days and 5 nights.

During daughter’s illness we watched all our home collection of movies for kids. I think they won’t ask me for more for it for weeks. Personally I had discovered Pocahontas movie to be a very beautiful, wise and filled with positive messages and positive role models tale (yes, I had never seen it before).

Me with my husband and Marge visited downtown thanks to my mom, who came to babysit Veronika a few hours. The Centre of Riga was almost deserted, because most of the citizens prefer to celebrate this holiday in a countryside.

Not long after our arrival it started raining.


We hoped to find some of a festive action at the Dome Square, but sadly there was nothing to see too.

Just puddles after rains and some passersby with umbrellas…

The square near the Liberty monument didn’t look festive either.

Pour tourists under umbrellas — I wonder how did they like cold, rainy and nearly empty Riga with all malls closed celebrating Ligo.

Though our Riga looks beautiful even covered with water.

And of course, the sun went out of clouds right when we arrived to a bus station and were ready to leave the downtown.