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February 26, 2015

Contrasts (Riga, My Hometown)

Контрасты. Пешком по Иманте.


Riga is a city of contrasts. The key of it lays in its eclectic mix of architecture. Riga was built by German barons. Riga was built by Swedish and Russian kings. It was built by Soviet government. It was built, cherished and… also ruined by Latvians themselves. Because people wanted to see real “Latvian” Riga. Well, as for me, I don’t think Latvian Riga truly ever existed. There is an old legend that is passed through the centuries. It says that when Riga will be finished, a huge monster will rise from the river Daugava and ruin the city.

Рига — это город контрастов. Причиной тому смесь “разноколиберной” архитектуры, появившейся здесь в разные времена. Ригу строили немецкие бароны. Ригу строили шведский король и русский царь. Её строило советское правительство. И, конечно, её строили, превозносили и… разрушали её сами латыши. Люди хотели видеть истинную “латышскую” Ригу. Однако, лично я считаю, что Рига никогда не была поистине “латышским” городом. О Риге веками передаётся легенда — говорят, если город будет достроен, со дна Даугавы поднимется огромное чудовище и поглотит город.

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December 22, 2014

Festive Riga Views

Нарядная Рига


School holidays have started today (hooray for the company at home!). And today we had to go downtown to fetch our Christmas cards. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit too late for Christmas cards, but it’s me and my time-feel and my organisation skills. And it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

Сегодня первый день школьных каникул (урра компании дома!). И сегодня нам надо было съездить в Центр за нашими праздничными открытками. Аха, я знаю, поздновато заниматься праздничными открытками, но это же я и моё чувство времени с организационными способностями. К тому же, лучше поздно чем никогда, не так ли?

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August 13, 2014

Summer life outdoors


“Живём” на улице.


July rewarded us for our patience with a lot of sun and we finally got some really hot weather here after a rainy June.

Не зря мы упрямо ждали лета, провожая неотступно шедшие друг за другом дождливые июньские дни. Наша вера в лето была вознаграждена июлем по-настоящему жаркой погодкой.

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July 18, 2014

When the REAL camera steps in

Когда НАСТОЯЩАЯ камера идёт в ход


I have a pleasant morning ritual. As people drink their coffee and read newspapers in the morning, I enjoy a cup of hot black tea and reading blogs I follow. Those are mostly craft themed.

У меня есть один приятный утренний ритуал. Иной, просыпаясь с утра, за чашечкой кофе читает свежую газетку, а я наслаждаюсь обязательно горячим чёрным чаем и чтением блогов, за которыми слежу. Все они в основном по рукодельной тематики.

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June 25, 2014

Ligo in Riga


Citizens of our country have one day in a year when all big malls are closed all day long. It’s a day of a summer solstice that is celebrated by latvians nationwide in the midnight between 23d and 24th of June and is called “Ligo”.

Despite the fact, that we all love the idea of a big summer holiday here, it is the meanest holiday of Latvia. It rains here every Ligo day!

Our holidays were also saddened by Veronika’s illness. She got sick right before four vacation days. Actually, I don’t remember her being ill so hard and for so long anytime before — high temperature, ache in the ear, throat and stomach for at least 4 days and 5 nights.

During daughter’s illness we watched all our home collection of movies for kids. I think they won’t ask me for more for it for weeks. Personally I had discovered Pocahontas movie to be a very beautiful, wise and filled with positive messages and positive role models tale (yes, I had never seen it before).

Me with my husband and Marge visited downtown thanks to my mom, who came to babysit Veronika a few hours. The Centre of Riga was almost deserted, because most of the citizens prefer to celebrate this holiday in a countryside.

Not long after our arrival it started raining.

We hoped to find some of a festive action at the Dome Square, but sadly there was nothing to see too.

Just puddles after rains and some passersby with umbrellas…

The square near the Liberty monument didn’t look festive either.

Pour tourists under umbrellas — I wonder how did they like cold, rainy and nearly empty Riga with all malls closed celebrating Ligo.

Though our Riga looks beautiful even covered with water.

And of course, the sun went out of clouds right when we arrived to a bus station and were ready to leave the downtown.

May 22, 2014

Marge’s two month and night rains

The time has come when I have to be very careful while walking down the street under a lush green roof of leaves. Here and there are ready-to-become-butterflies caterpillars hanging down from trees right in front of my eyes. And nothing can scare me more than caterpillars and dragonflies. I don’t know why these insects have such a strong impact on me, but every time I see them I get at least goose bumps. I would even scream in some cases. And today me and Marge met three caterpillars on our way to a scheduled two-month-visit to a pediatrician. I’m sharing a few photos taken on our way.


All these reflections just fascinate me!


Yes, our little baby girl is two month old already! She grew a lot, we spent past month under a sunshine of her smiles. She likes to talk and also learned to cry when she desperately needs something. It’s not like she hasn’t cried before, but this cry is somehow different from the one she did in her first month. So this is also a sign that she is getting older. Past few days of her life are also remarkable for Marge’s discovery of her fists. She stacks them into her mouth and intently munches her fingers with a unconcerned look. It seems that I have to hurry with a mobile I wanted to make for her, or I’ll miss the right time.

As Marge grows her sisters change as well. Their intention to help me with Marge is so huge that I can step aside and just watch their energy flowing in a right place. I haven’t seen so much initiative for months! They wash dishes (even though it has been my prerogative before), help me cook, hang clean clothes, through away used diapers. They even don’t mind entertaining Marge for a little bit if I need to leave the room for a moment. I am really proud of my girls!

I’ve started a new crochet cardigan for Marge lately. I’ve searched for a nice and not so common pattern for it, but haven’t found any. So it was decided to make one by myself. I actually have already started bringing to life my idea and crocheted four rows, but then realized, that I had made a mistake in the very first stitch of the first row! Can you imagine my disappointment when I had to rip it all out and start over my project!

Though May is almost over, it is still enough time for mayflowers to bloom and May thunderstorms to moisturize the air through nights. I saw a great thundercloud through kids room’s window yesterday. I hardly had time to take a picture, the cloud had covered all of the skies and it started pouring. However, it didn’t rain too long, not more than a few minutes. Now i’m looking at my daughters’ paintings of a rainy day from their art class and feeling really inspired to paint one by myself. I wish I had a time for this!

Oh, I love summer rain with it’s warm puddles!


May 6, 2014

Botanical Garden



Dear english readers: please scroll down.

Вчерашний день снова радовал солнышком и хорошими лётными условиями для фотоохоты на цветы. Правда, сильные порывы ледяного северного ветра заставили помечтать во время прогулки о митенках и зимней шапке, ещё месяц назад убранных в шкаф. Марго спасалась от ветра в коляске, спонтанно купленной вчера вечером. Мы с мужем рассудили, что пока Марго согласна спать на прогулке, коляска нам поможет выбираться из дома даже тогда, когда погода оставляет желать лучшего. У моей второй доченьки совсем не было коляски (нам абсолютно хватало для перемещений моей коллекции слингов), поэтому гулять таким образом было очень непривычно.

Рижский ботанический сад (LU Botāniskais dārzs) — это место, где в Риге можно посмотреть не только на цветущие рододендроны и магнолии, на пальмы, почти столетний фикус и гигантскую кувшинку. Земля здесь имеет историю. Когда-то давно на этом месте была летняя пригородная усадьба с ухоженным парком. С того времени сохранилось несколько строений — сейчас они имеют статус архитектурных памятников. На месте же главного дома усадьбы была построена теплица (сам дом, к сожалению, был разобран на дрова незадолго до этого ещё по приказанию своих последних владельцев Вольфшмидтов). Подумать только, липовой аллее в саду уже 200 лет! Да и сам сад примерно через 10 лет будет отмечать своё столетие.

Botanical Garden

It was a great day for photo hunt because of all the sunshine yesterday. Even though, strong gusts of icy northern wind made me wish I had mittens and a winter hat. Marge was hiding from the wind in her new baby carriage, that we had bought spontaneously the day before. Me and my husband decided that we should use it on a bad weather days like this, while Marge doesn’t mind sleeping in it during our walk times. My second daughter has never had a baby carriage (I was perfectly content with my baby sling collection for this purpose), so it was very unusual feeling for me to have a walk this way.

The Botanical Garden of Riga (LU Botāniskais dārzs) is not just a place where you can find blooming rhododendrons and magnolias, palms, almost hundred years old pipal tree and giant water lily (victoria). This place has a history. There was a summer countryside estate with a well-designed park a long time ago. Several buildings are still there from that time and have a status of architectural monuments. Unfortunately, the manor house was unassembled by it’s last owners (the Wolfshmidts) right before the land was bought by government. A greenhouse was built in it’s place. Just think of it: a linden alley in the garden is almost two hundred years old! The garden itself will celebrate centenary in ten years.

May 5, 2014

4 мая в Риге


Dear english readers: please scroll down.

Не успели латвийцы отработать неделю после пасхальные выходных, как вот уже и майские праздники. 1-е и 4-е мая в нашей стране официальные выходные. В этом году благодаря тому, что 1-ое выпало на четверг, а 4-е на воскресенье, пятницу перенесли на субботу и к выходным еще добавили понедельник. Итого получилось 5 выходных подряд, которые можно было посвятить семье, дому, любимому делу или просто отдыху.

4-го мая Латвия отмечает свой фактически второй день рождения как республики. Мы собирались сегодня в ботанический в честь выглянувшего впервые за последние три дня солнца, но передумали и решили посмотреть на праздник в центре.

С тех пор, как я последний раз была в городе, а это было полтора месяца назад, до рождения Марго, Рига стала еще красивее. Никогда я не видела на рижских клумбах столько тюльпанов!

Мы прошли вдоль канала около Бастионной горки, зашли в Старый город, выглянули на набережную и через ратушную площадь и двор Конвента вышли к центральному универмагу.

К этому моменту нашей прогулки проснулась проголодавшаяся Марго, и мы с ней пошли оценить только что отремонтированную пеленальную комнату универмага. Комната меня приятно удивила: кроме столика, на котором Марго с интересом рассматривала стену рядом, пока я ей меняла подгузник, там еще поставили удобную скамейку, на которой можно не отходя от кассы покормить малыша. Нахождение вблизи магазинов меня сподвигло на приобретение новой рубашечки, чтобы удобнее кормить Марго на выходе, пока на улице так холодно. Мой дорогой муж однако поддержал этот акт внезапного шоппинга, во время которого Марго снова погрузилась в сон.

Назад мы шли по большому кругу, мимо центральной станции и через Верманский парк. В парке несмотря на северный ветер и красные носы прохожие ели мороженное, а на летней сцене пел Айнар Миелавс свои песни. Риге так подходит музыка!

May 4th in Riga

It’s time for May holidays, although Latvians hardly had a week to work after Easter. The 1st and the 4th are official holidays in our country. We got 5 consequent days to devote to our family, home-keeping activities, hobby or just to have some rest.

The 4th of May is Latvian Republic Independency Renewal Day that is almost like the second birthday of our republic. Sun got out from clouds for the first time in past three days, so we thought it would be a good day for visiting the Botanical Garden of Riga. But we changed our minds and decided to go to the city centre to see how Riga is celebrating the holiday.

Since the last time I’ve been to the downtown, Riga became more beautiful. I’ve never seen so many flowerbeds full of tulips here!

We walked along the City Channel, went trough the Bastion Hill Square, took a glance of holiday events near the Daugava embankment and went trough the Town Hall Square and Convent Yard to the central department store “Galerija Centrs”.

Marge had woken up by this very moment and was hungry, so I took her to a new nursery room in the central store. The room really surprised me in a good way: there was a nice changing table, where I could change Marge’s diaper while she was watching a wall near her. Furthermore, there was a bench where I could feed my baby right away. Being close to a lot of shops made me want to buy a new shirt (OK, two new shirts) to make Marge’s feeding times easier for me in this cold spring days when we go out. My dear husband encouraged me, so an act of unexpected shopping was made after which Margo went to sleep again.

We made a big circle walking past the Central Station and then through the Verman Square (Vērmanes dārzs) on a road back. There passersby despite the North wind and their red noses ate ice creams and Ainar Mielav sang his beautiful songs in a park’s summer stage. Music definitely suits Riga and, together with all the beautiful blooming flowers, makes it a very attractive city!

April 26, 2014

Some More Photographs of Spring

Ещё о весне в фотографиях


Not every April in Latvia is as shiny and warm as this one. The weather is so lovely that it would be a crime to stay at home all day long. Silk veil of young transparent leaves have almost already turned into a dense satin drape of green foliage. Aroma of blooming cherry trees spreads through the streets. Although a much more common look for this place up until May are naked trees.

Не каждый латвийский апрель выдаётся настолько солнечным и тёплым. Погода располагает к прогулкам. Шелковая пелена молоденьких нежно-салатовых листочков уже превращается в плотную атласную драпировку из уже окрепших зеленых листьев. По улочкам растекается аромат цветущей вишни. А бывает, что деревья стоят голыми и до начала мая.

My window view of today from the other side.

Сегодняшний вид из окна с обратной стороны с видом на окно 🙂

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