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August 3, 2014

Summer dress for Anastasia

Летнее платье для Настеньки


A week or so ago I came across an easy to make idea of a very beautiful summer dress with a crocheted yoke at Lanas de Ana. It seemed really attractive idea to make this fast project for one of the girls. Besides, I searched for a maxi dress for girls, but couldn’t find one. So it was decided to make this dress as a maxi. I didn’t follow the initial pattern, just took the idea.

Примерно неделю назад я набрела на простую в исполнении идею нежного летнего платья с вязаной крючком кокеткой. Дело было в блоге Lanas de Ana. Идея мне показалась быстро-выполнимой и потому особенно привлекательной. К тому же, я уже некоторое время нахожусь в поисках макси-платья для девочек, и это был повод сшить такое своими руками. Я не стала следовать предоставленной инструкции, только вдохновилась этой чудесной идеей.

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May 28, 2014

Sharing a pattern for a one-peace wrap cardigan for my baby-girl

Finally, Marge can try her new short-sleeve cardigan in the colours of a red poppy and a blue knapweed field! As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve searched for a nice and not so common pattern for a baby-girl cardigan, but haven’t found any, and decided to design one by myself. It came out so nice and work on it was so enjoyable, that it would be just wrong to keep the pattern within myself rather than share it.

Also I would be really happy to hear that someone used this pattern and managed to make this cardigan. So, if you intend to try this, please, take a picture of a result and share it with me!

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