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Я - мама трёх девочек, интроверт и творческий человек. Мой любимый вид творчества - это фотография . Я творю для себя, для семьи, для знакомых и для незнакомых.
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Monthly Archives: December 2015

My 2015 (and a little downloadable gift).

My 2015 (and a little downloadable gift).

I wanted to write a quick post summing up the year, like I did it in 2014. But when I finally made my youngest take a day nap (it’s 6 PM here, pretty late for a day nap, but today is a special day when late is still better than nothing), my inspiration kind of left me. So for now I don’t know how it’s going to end.

And I’m typing with my left hand while she is sleeping on the other one.

So I’ll just say, this was a great year achievement-wise. And this was a tough year time and health-wise. Especially the December. I won’t go into details here, because this is not what I want to remember.

This was a year full of new knowledge, a year of a lot of hard work, practicing my skills  as a photographer daily, a year of culling, editing, keywording and otherwise treating my photographs with a respect. Today is the last day of my first project 365. I still have to post some of the last weeks. I am pretty proud I made it to the end, but I also feel pretty tired. And honestly, I had no problems in shooting and editing daily. The hardest part was to choose only one picture of the day. So I’m going to take a rest of the project in 2016, which means I’ll take my own speed. I’ve already made a new project plan for me for 2016. All is left is to make a schedule out of the plan.

This was a year of a lot of new friendships made with photographers all around the world. These are people who I admire for their hard work and open hearts. A lot of them granted me with their critique and thus I was able to learn and grow faster. A lot of them were supporting and kind. And all of them were a huge source of inspiration for me, my fuel that made me keep working and running. Thank you, my friends! I wouldn’t be even near where I am now without you.

This year was a year of the most fabulous discovery. I found what I like most. I found what I want to do and it was unexpected. I found myself. I wouldn’t be able to do that without my husband’s faith in me. I just wouldn’t dare. Being a photographer was my wildest wish, so I hadn’t even thought of that. I wouldn’t do it without him telling me all the way “You should do it! You should try it! You’re doing great! Why not?”

I hadn’t met some of my goals for this year, but I’ve certainly met some other and even greater goals. I guess, the biggest one was starting my own photography business and actually taking some clients! Oh, I loved each one of the sessions! Each one of them made me the happiest person in the world at least for a few days after it! i’m waiting for a new season to open now, gathering some new knowledge to make it all an even better experience for my clients!

This is how my year went for me. My experience tells — you can set goals, which is good, but life always goes it’s way. So don’t hope for much. Hope for more instead.

If you’re still here, I have a little handy thing to share with you today. These are calendar pages with a vertical months’ layout.  I used these in 2015 by myself and they really helped me in planning. You can download the A4 PDF here. There is only one thing I should warn you about: the PDF starts from March, but you will find January and February in the very end. Shamelessly, I wasn’t able make Illustrator work for me today in the right way, my apologies.

Sorry my Russian-speaking friends, I believe you can all read English. I just have no time for re-typing this in other language.

December 31, 2015

A Song Without Words: A Little Artist.

A Song Without Words: A Little Artist.

with a culmination and a final chord.

с кульминацией и финальным аккордом.

Проект 365. Неделя 47.

Проект 365. Неделя 47.
December 2, 2015

Проект 365. Неделя 46.

Проект 365. Неделя 46.
November 29, 2015

Делая "конфетку": трансформация кадра


When we were at the swamp last Sunday, there was that fog and I wanted to capture a beautiful picture of the sunrise with rays of the sun shining through the fog. Right before we were going to leave, I snapped this shot. Honestly, I didn’t think of it as of a keeper, but I decided to give it a chance. This post is about the transformation I made to this shot in post-processing. I fully edited it in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and I’m going to share all of my steps here.

В прошлое воскресенье, когда мы встречали утро на болоте, там был небольшой туман. Мне очень хотелось сфотографировать лучи утреннего солнца, проходящие через него. Прямо перед уходом в надежде на удачу я сделала этот кадр. Честно говоря, первым моим порывом было сразу его выкинуть. Но всё же было решено дать ему шанс. Этот пост о трансформации, через которую прошёл этот кадр. Вся обработка этой фотографии прошла в ACR (плагин для Фотошопа Adobe Camera Raw), и я пройдусь по всем шагам в нём.

Утро на болоте.

Утро на болоте.

We got up early this Sunday. There were still some belated stars shining as all 5 of us set in the car and rushed towards the swamp to meet the sunrise.

В это воскресенье мы встали рано. Когда мы садились в машину, чтобы успеть к рассвету на болоте, на небе всё ещё сияло пару запоздалых звёздочек.

Проект 365. Неделя 45.

Проект 365. Неделя 45.
November 19, 2015

Исследую места для съёмок: лес.

Исследую места для съёмок: лес.

I scouted another close-to-home location today. I wanted to see how our forest looks without leaves. Well, the answer is — good, very good. I love the neutral colours of the backdrop it makes. I love subtle greens and browns. It can make any colour pop. Especially the peachy colours of skin.
And it also feels good. Like the one from the stories about Hedgehog and Little Bear by Sergey Kozlov.

Сегодня мы с Маргошей исследовали ещё одно место рядом с домом, пригодное для фотографии. Хотелось посмотреть, как поживает лес, когда все листья облетели. Ответ — хорошо, очень даже хорошо. Мне нравятся приглушённые зелёные и коричневые тона. Из них получается отличный нейтральный фон, на котором остальные цвета становятся ярче. Особенно персиковые тона кожи.
А ещё в лесу просто приятно быть. Он прямо как из сказок про Ёжика и Медвежонка.

Детский сад

Детский сад

We had some business to attend to yesterday in Veronica’s kindergarten with Marge, so I used this opportunity to take some pictures of it with Marge. It’ll be her kindergarten as well. I like that she already knows the building and the people. It should be easier for her to start when the time will come.

Вчера у нас с Марго были дела в Вероникином детском саду. Мне давно хотелось походить там и пофотографировать антураж на память. А вот и возможность выдалась. В будущем это и Маргошин детский сад. Мне нравится, что она уже хорошо знакома с помещением, с работниками. Надеюсь, ей будет проще адаптироваться, когда настанет время.
November 12, 2015

Место съёмки -- Иманта.

Место съёмки -- Иманта.

Here’s a quick update about Anastasia, who still reads everywhere, and about what you can do with a simple location without driving any far.

Пост о том, что Настенька всё ещё читает всюду и при любых обстоятельствах.
А также о том, что для съёмок далеко ездить не обязательно.
November 11, 2015
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